Trauma Service Quality Improvement

Designed by doctors for the NHS


Optimise capacity

with effective coordination of trauma admissions and theatre planning

A modern trauma database

replacing legacy based patient management tools such as whiteboards, notebooks and paper lists with digital pathways

Using our unique Natural Language Processing AI algorithm to assign a healthcare SNOMED CT code to all data.

Integrating with existing PAS/EPR systems via either HL7 v2.x or the modern HL7 FHIR interface to exchange data.

Providing a dashboard with real-time structured data to facilitate optimisation of service and enable clinical audit.

Bringing multiple clinical teams together via customisable pathways for both service and clinical workflows.

Seamless interoperability

eTrauma integrates with any existing solutions via either the widespread HL7 v2.x protocol or the modern Fast Health Interoperability Resource (FHIR) standard.

Trauma & Orthopaedics pathways




Trauma list coordination

Trauma meeting capture

Seamless trauma take & handover

Automatic recognition of infections

Orthogeriatric team handover

Real time breach warnings

Integrated NHFD & BOAST pathways

Post-operative and metalwork reviews